Lesotho APN settingsThese are the USSD codes for Vodacom in Lesotho. These will also work on Vodacom South Africa. You can find more USSD codes for Lesotho listed below. Note that the APN settings for Vodacom has been added here. Search this website for other possible solutions for your mobile phone. Below you will be able to check your balance as well as your airtime with the USSD codes listed for Vodacom Lesotho.

My Vodacom USSD services menuVodacom*111#This menu includes popular services
Balance EnquiryVodacom*100#Your balance is displayed on handset (Prepaid Only)
Airtime rechargeVodacom*100*01*Recharge PIN#Account top up with voucher value (Prepaid Only)
Time Window EnquiryVodacom*100*02#Time Window Expiry date displayed on handset (Prepaid Only)
Vodata Service SetupVodacom*141*777#Vodata Service Setup menu will be installed or removed (Contract & Prepaid)
Please CallMe ServiceVodacom*140*MSISDN#Sending a text message which includes the sender’s number to another cell phone number requesting the receiver to call the sender (Contract & Prepaid)
Please Recharge MeVodacom*140*02*MSISDN#Request airtime from your phone to any Vodacom customer
Airtime transferVodacom*102*02*airtime value*MSISDN#Send airtime from your cellphone to any other Vodacom Prepaid phone
Vodacom PaypointVodacom*120*1234#Enables Vodacom merchants to accept credit card payments using a mobile phone without requiring a fixed line point of sale terminal

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