Lesotho APN settingsThe network operator in Lesotho is Vodacom. The MMS settings for Vodacom in Lesotho is listed below. You will note that it is not the same as in South Africa so you will need to change your MMS once you go over the border. The APN has also been added for Lesotho just underneath the settings for the mobile phone types.

The settings below explains how to install the settings for the iPhone which is first and also very easy to do. I should not take longer than 5 minutes to setup your internet connection while in Lesotho. There are also MMS and APN settings for a Windows 8 mobile phone as well as a generic installation process for an Android mobile phone. Should these not work for you then you will need to contact Vodacom in Lesotho for further information and also assistance.

iPhone APN and Data Settings
1. Select Settings on the phone.
2. Now select General to continue.
3. You must select Network or Cellular.
4. - Select Cellular Data Network to start the process
5. Dont forget to save after the Data and MMS settings.
Android APN and Data Settings
1. Select Main
2. Now select Settings to continue.
3. You must select Network or Cellular.
4. Select Mobile Networks to start the process.
5. Delete all APN's in this section.
6. Press Menu now.
7. Press New APN.
8. Enter the General Data and the MMS.
Windows Mobile 8 APN and Data Settings
1. In the Apps list click on settings.
2. Delete all existing APN Settings in there.
3. You must "Add Internet APN" next.
4. Add in all the details below and click save.
5. Now you must "Add MMS APN" next.
6. Add in all the details below and click save.
7. The APN settings have now been added to your mobile phone.
Data Settings
Data APNinternet
Data APN Username[blank]
Data APN Password[blank]
MMS Settings
MMS APN[blank]
MMS Username[blank]
MMS Password[blank]
MMS MMSC[blank]
MMS Proxy[blank]
MMS Maxsize[blank]
MMS Profurl[blank]
APN Type (Internet)default, supl
APN Type (Messaging)mms
Authentication TypePAP
MMS ProtocolWAP 2.0
IP TypeIPv4v6

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