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There are other mobile phone and mobile device insurance companies. These are some of the other companies that you might also like to contact for insurance. Always ensure what you are signing and always ensure that you have fully understood what is and what isn’t covered.

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Gadget Cover

Gadget Cover is part of a larger group called Supercover Insurance in the United Kingdom. Supercover itself began in 1995 as Mobile Phone Supercover and they had been mainly there to provided an extended warranty on your mobile phone.

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Switched On

Switched On Insurance provides insurance coverage for a range of electronic items. These range from tablets to mobile phones. They do not offer term insurance and you can cancel you insurance with 30 days notice. Switched On Insurance™ is a trading name of Taurus Insurance Services Limited, an insurance intermediary authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK under registration number 444830.

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Cheaper Gadget

Cheaper Gadget Insurance has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry providing insurance for the items and servers which normally is not covered by large insurance houses. These include and are not limited to travel insurance, wedding insurance, airline failure insurance and the normal car insurance and home insurance.

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Cover Cloud

The insurance company Cover Cloud is a marketing brand of Acumen Insurance Services Limited in the UK. CoverCloud was created with the goal of providing insurance cover in the form of a ‘one stop shop’ for a variety of insurance products.

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Insurance2go is the brand trading name for Loyal Insurance Services Ltd. The company was established in May 2005. The company was started by Gary Beeston and Duncan Spencer. After spending years in the mobile phone business they saw an opportunity to add value to the mobile phone business by means of insurance. The result was Insurance2go a 100% British owned and operated company.

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Protect Your Bubble Insurance

Protect your Bubble is a well known company that offers insurance cover for your mobile phone and other devices in both the US and the UK. The company is large and well know and they do spend a fair amount on advertising. Some of the most common complaints about this company has got to do with what gets covers and the excess for a claim.

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