PowerVR SGX554MP4

The PowerVR SGX554MP4 is an upgraded version of the PowerVR SGX554. You can see below how they compare in terms of their ability in terms of GFlops. You will note how much faster it is than the non MP4 version of the GPU.

The PowerVR SGX554MP4 was used in the Apple A6X (iPad 4) system on chip. The chip offers 4 graphics cores (MP4) which also comes with 8 SIMDs (Single instruction, multiple data) each and is capable of reaching  ~76.8 GLOPs at about 300 MHz. The GPU supports OpenGL ES 2.0, DirectX9 and also OpenCL 1.1.

Manufacturer PowerVR Core
PowerVR SGX500 Series SGX554MP4 32
SGX543MP4 16
SGX543MP3 12
SGX543MP2 8
SGX545 4/2 cores @ 533 MHz
SGX544MP2 8/4 cores @ 300 – 533 (Boost) MHz
SGX544 4/2 cores @ 384 MHz
SGX540 4/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX535 2/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX531 2/1 cores
SGX530 2/1 cores

You will note below that the SGX554 running at just over 19GFlops while this chip runs at almost three times the speed at just over 68GFlops. Search this website for more information of GPU, chipsets and processors.

GPU Name Chip Clock GFlops
SGX554 300 MHz 19.2
SGX554 MP2 300 MHz 38.4
SGX554 MP4 Apple A6X 266 MHz 68.1

This chip has been used on the following devices. The Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 as well as the Apple iPad 4. Search this website for more information on your notebook, tablet or mobile phone.

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