Gadget Cover

Gadget Cover is part of a larger group called Supercover Insurance in the United Kingdom. Supercover itself began in 1995 as Mobile Phone Supercover and they had been mainly there to provided an extended warranty on your mobile phone.

In 2005 the business model was expanded and they started to include not only mobile phone insurance but also insurance cover for all mobile devices such as your laptop, iPod, MP3 players and television sets. Today Gadget Cover is one of the best known insurance companies in the UK for insuring more than 500,000 customers and their mobile devices.

Cost of Insurance:

Many people do not take active note of what their mobile devices cost them. Zurich Insurance in its last market roundup stated that the average person in the UK carries £851 worth of electronic gadgets on them every day, for Londoners, this rises to £1034.

You should always read your insurance policy before you agree and sign. You also need to ensure that it will cover the mobile devices. Certain insurance companies will not cover devices older than 12 months. Others will not cover mobile phones that was not in the hands of an immediate family member when it got damaged. Others have claim limits on the amount of stolen airtime that they will cover. Always check and read your insurance policy. See the different mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung as well as Sony.

What did they insure?

  • 600,000 Ipods and mobile phones dropped in the toilet
  • 400,000 mobile devices were dropped in drinks
  • 200,000 mobile electronic devices ended their life in a washing machine

What do they cover?

  • Theft
  • Accidental Loss for mobile phones and iPads only
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Worldwide Cover (90 days)
  • Unauthorised Call Use (£2500)
  • Family Cover – your gadget’s covered whether you or an immediate family member is using the gadget
Always ensure that you understand the insurance cover and have read the policy to check if your mobile devices will be covered.
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