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Switched On Insurance provides insurance coverage for a range of electronic items. These range from tablets to mobile phones. They do not offer term insurance and you can cancel you insurance with 30 days notice. Switched On Insurance™ is a trading name of Taurus Insurance Services Limited, an insurance intermediary authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK under registration number 444830.

If you need more information about insurance for your MP3 player or your iPhone then these would be the people to speak too. With years of experience in the UK mobile phone market they can assist you with some of the lowest insurance rates on the market. Much like other UK insurers such as Insurance2go and Cheaper Gadget they also make use of Citymain for their administration back-end.

You will note that Switched On has a long list of what and how products will be covered. There is clearly the option to repair or replace at their discretion. There is also a limitation on how much unauthorized call usage in theft will be covered. Much like other insurance policies, you always have to check your options.

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What do they insure?

  • Smart Phones including iPhones,
  • Tablets including iPads,
  • Laptops including Macbooks,
  • Desktops including iMacs, Mobile Phones,
  • PDAs,
  • MP3 Players & iPods,
  • DVD Players & Games Consoles
  • Digital Cameras & Video Cameras

What do they cover?

  • Accidental Damage – They will repair or replace your gadget if it is damaged as the result of accidental damage
  • Breakdown – They will repair or replace your gadget if it suffers breakdown, providing the gadget is returned to them.
  • Malicious Damage – If your gadget is damaged through deliberate actions of another they will repair it.
  • Unauthorised Usage – If your gadget is stolen, they will refund the unauthorised calls to a max of £1000 (including VAT).
  • E-Wallet Protection – If your gadget is lost or stolen, they will refund the cost to a maximum of £100 (including VAT),
  • Theft – If you suffer theft of your gadget they will replace it.
  • Loss – If you accidentally lose your gadget they will replace it.
  • Worldwide Cover – Cover is extended to include use of the gadget anywhere in the world, up to a maximum of 90 days
  • Accessories – If a claim has been agreed by us in respect of your gadget, we will replace any accessories damaged
Always ensure that you understand the insurance policy. Many times they will not replace a phone and have the phone repaired. Ensure that you understand the policies of mobile phone insurance companies before you sign on the dotted line.

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