There are other mobile phone and mobile device insurance companies. These are some of the other companies that you might also like to contact for insurance. Always ensure what you are signing and always ensure that you have fully understood what is and what isn’t covered.

Budget Mobile Cover is a competitively priced insurance provider in the UK for mobile phones. They cover all mobile phones in the UK. They are part of the larger insurance group call BIG Warranties Ltd (Company No. 07002567) and much like Gadget Cover do the mobile phone market exclusively. With a customer base of 65,000 they are much smaller than Gadget Cover, HelpuCover or Insurance2go.

If you are looking for mobile phone or insurance for all your gadgets such as an IPod, laptop or tablet computer then search this website for some of the best deals on offer. You can also compare the offers from companies by looking at the brand name listed in the top menu of this website.

Helpucover is another insurance company in the United Kingdom which insures gadgets and other items you don’t get the normal insurance companies to cover. They are not a pure gadget insurance company such as Gadget Cover but also insure pets and other items of value much like Protect Your Bubble.

There is a big difference for their mobile insurance cover and that is that you can insure more than one item for a fixed price. This is normally £12.99 a month for as many items you want to a maximum claim of £1,500 a year. HelpuCover is an offshoot of the large insurance giant BNP-Paribas Group. If you are looking for other options then see Insurance2go, Protect Your Bubble and also Gadget Cover.

Protect Your Bubble insures what most don’t ranging from mobile gadgets to household pets.Unlike Gadget Cover which only does gadgets and the UK market, Protect your Bubble does the UK and US markets. Mobile phone theft in the US is not as rampant as what it is in the UK.

Protect Your Bubble is part of a larger group called the Assurant which is a Fortune 500 company trading on the New York Stock Exchange and with a history of 120 years in insurance and operating in 12 countries it is a large insurance house with decades of experience. When Protect Your Bubble was launched in 2008 they had already insured more than 750,000 customers in the US and the UK combined.

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