Cheaper Gadget

Cheaper Gadget Insurance has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry providing insurance for the items and servers which normally is not covered by large insurance houses. These include and are not limited to travel insurance, wedding insurance, airline failure insurance and the normal car insurance and home insurance.

Today they also provide insurance for gadgets such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones.They are administered by Citymain Administrators Limited in the United Kingdom. Note that any electronic item less than 36 months old with valid proof of purchase (not from online auctions) when the policy is started. Laptops must be less than 12 months old. check with them for each items which you wish to insure.

What do they insure?


What do they cover?

  • Accidental damage cover
  • Theft cover
  • Accidental loss cover
  • Breakdown cover
You need to see their full policy terms and conditions on their website for more details. Always take proper advice from an insurance agent when covering your property. Compare insurance companies to each other and above all always read the fine print in the documents before you sign them.

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