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Adreno 530

The Adreno 530 from Qualcomm is a GPU used on mobile phones and tablets. This to process the graphics and video on the table or phone. These tend to be mainly Android based mobile phones and tablets. The Adreno 530 is a good GPU and we have tested them against others in its class to see how the GPU performs against others.

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Adreno 203

The Adreno 203 is a GPU made by Qualcomm and it is mainly for entry level mobile phones running on Android. There had been mainly 2 GPU’s that had been extensively used by mobile phones manufacturers. This was used today by mainly the entry level phones while the Adreno 225 was used by the more multimedia higher end mobile phones.

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Adreno 225

The Adreno 225 from Qualcomm is a well known GPU and has been used on many high-end mobile phones. In the Adreno 200 series it is the top rated integrated graphics card in of the Snapdragon S4 line. The Adreno 225 offers 8 SIMDs with 4 MADs per SIMD and has been rated at 25.6 GFLPS at 400 MHz.

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