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Adreno 530

The Adreno 530 from Qualcomm is a GPU used on mobile phones and tablets to process the graphics and video on the table or phone. These tend to be mainly Android based mobile phones and tablets. The Adreno 530 is a good GPU and we have tested them against others in its class to see how the GPU performs against others.

The Adreno 530 was introduced late in 2015 and had been integrated on the Snapdragon 820 system on chip. The GPU supports both¬†OpenGL ES 3.1 and DirectX 11.1. We dont know how many shaders the GPU uses however it does clock at 624 MHz and it was at the time of its release one of the fastest GPUs’ on the market.

Manufacturer Qualcomm
Adreno 500 Series
Adreno 530 @ 624 MHz
Adreno 510
Adreno 506 @ 650 MHz
Adreno 505 @ 450 MHz
Pipelines unified
Core Speed  ~624 MHz
Shared Memory Yes
DirectX DirectX 11.1
Technology 14 nm
Features OpenGL ES 3.1 AEP, OpenCL 2.0, Direct3D 11.1 (FL 11_1)

Adreno 530 compared to Adreno 510

Adreno 530 Compare

Adreno 530 compared to ARM Mali -T760 MP8

Adreno 530 Compare

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