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Adreno 203

The Adreno 203 is a GPU made by Qualcomm and it is mainly for entry level mobile phones running on Android. There had been mainly 2 GPU’s that had been extensively used by mobile phones manufacturers. This was used today by mainly the entry level phones while the Adreno 225 was used by the more multimedia higher end mobile phones.

You can compare the different versions of the mobile phone below. When the Adreno 203 came to market you found them in the then high end mobile phones. You will note that the Adreno 203 in the 200 Series is 245 MHz clocked chip with only 4 shaders while the 225 comes with 8 at a higher clock speed. The GPU has been used in the following mobile phones as an example. This is just a small listing of some of the phones which use this entry level GPU. Note that certain phones had been in the high-end market when the chip was released.

The above mentioned phones had been the high-end phones when they had been released. You can compare the different GPU’s in the series below.

Manufacturer Qualcomm
Adreno 200 Series
Adreno 225 8 @ 400 MHz
Adreno 220 8 @ 266 MHz
Adreno 205 4 @ 245 MHz
Adreno 203 4 @ 245 MHz
Adreno 200 2 @ 128 MHz
Pipelines 4 – unified
Core Speed ~245 MHz
Shared Memory yes

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