Adreno 225

The Adreno 225 from Qualcomm is a well known GPU and has been used on many high-end mobile phones. In the Adreno 200 series it is the top rated integrated graphics card in of the Snapdragon S4 line. The Adreno 225 offers 8 SIMDs with 4 MADs per SIMD and has been rated at 25.6 GFLPS at 400 MHz.

Adreno 225

Likewise the Adreno 225 is an upgraded version of the Adreno 220 which you can also see below to compare them. In addition the Adreno 220 was only clocked to 266MHz but also had the 8 SIMDs as this GPU. The Adreno 225 also offers Direct3D 9.3 support. The Adreno 225 has been used in a number of mobile phones such as the following phones listed below from both Nokia and Samsung. Note that manufactures can change the clock speed as well as the GPU used in their mobile phones.

You can use the comparison table listed below. Likewise there are a number in changes in the different versions of the GPU . Additionally from speed to the about of SIMD’s they had been allocated.

Manufacturer Qualcomm
Adreno 200 Series
Adreno 225 8 @ 400 MHz
Adreno 220 8 @ 266 MHz
Adreno 205 4 @ 245 MHz
Adreno 203 4 @ 245 MHz
Adreno 200 2 @ 128 MHz
Pipelines 8 – unified
Core Speed ~400 MHz
Shared Memory yes
Technology 45 nm

In addition also see the Adreno 530 as well as the Adreno 203. See this in the specifications of the Nokia Lumia 930 as well as the specs on the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Lumia 800.
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