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Mobile Phone Usage

See the mobile phone usage on here. If you have ever wondered what the mobile-phone usage stats are globally then you will be interested in this post. The stats was last updated in 2014 and was conducted by the Pew Research group. Note that smartphone usage is increasing however not as fast as what was expected. From the smartphone demographics it is mainly the 35-40 year old group that makes use of smartphones.

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Smartphone Demographics

The smartphone demographics for the UK for smartphones are rather interesting. Research done in 2011 by Ofcom reveal some interesting stats with regards to the demographics of smartphone users in the United Kingdom. Smartphones are becoming much cheaper each year. With better video players and better processors we can see that mobile audio content is also becoming more popular.

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Mobile Audio content

See the mobile audio content statistics. You will see the article on music on mobile phones on this website. The topic was the statistics for how people use their mobile phone to listen to music. That article only covered MP3 and did not include other forms of audio on the mobile phones. The Spanish had been the people who use their phones the most of listening to music. When we expand the music types the statistics get even more interesting.

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