Smartphone Demographics

The smartphone demographics for the UK for smartphones are rather interesting. Research done in 2011 by Ofcom reveal some interesting stats with regards to the demographics of smartphone users in the United Kingdom. Smartphones are becoming much cheaper each year. With better video players and better processors we can see that mobile audio content is also becoming more popular.

Smartphone Demographics

The stats reveal that smartphone user are more likely to be male. 58% of smartphone users in 2011 in the UK had been male. Teens however it tends to be women who are the main users at 52%. This could be Smartphone User Demographicsthat Smartphone are also coming down in price. Likewise see the Mobile Phone Usage on here as well as the issues of the Nuisance calls in the UK.

The graph shows that smartphone are used mainly for the younger generation and that those over 55 years of age only 9% of them use smartphone while 38% used a normal mobile phone. See also the insurance from Insure.

The 16-24 year old age group make up 27% of users compared to 11% of regular mobile phone users. What has also been seen is that many companies tends to bundle insurance with these phones for the age group by insuring not only the phone but also their other electronic gadgets like Ipods and laptops. Companies such as Budget Mobile Cover, Cover Cloud and Insurance2go amongst others have budgeted packages available for this age group. Lastly see the Smartphone Ownership.

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