3G Bands

What are the 3G Bands. Unlike 2G networks which are being phased out across the world, 3G is still here and as time passes it may also be phased out due to the growth in the 4G and 5G networks globally. 3G is third generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology which was the upgrade from the 2G bands. The 3G networks have higher speeds such as having transfer rates of at least 200 kbit/s.

3G Bands

Since the inception of 1G  every tenth year there has been a newer mobile phone generation. There is usually new frequency bands as well as higher transfer rates. Likewise so far they have not been backwardly compatible. The first implementation of 3G came in 1998 and fourth generation 4G networks in 2008. In Asia the first use of the technology was in Nepal with Nepal Telecom adopted the 3G Service for the first time in Asia. Likewise see also the 2G Bands and Smartphone Ownership.

The roll out was slow as the infrastructure needed to be replaced to supersede the existing 2G networks which they had been using as the transfer rates initially was not very fast. By the end of 2007 there had been 190 3G networks operating in 40 countries across the globe. The spectrum licensing fees was the main stumbling block as it became very expensive. 3G took off as it was marketed as “mobile broadband” and the advert of a mobile phone in the form of tablets and the iPads pushed the adoption of the technology. See also the specifications for the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 930.

Market Growth

Market growth was huge in Asia as at the end of 2007 there had been the 200 millionth 3G subscriber recorded. In addition which 10 million 3G users were in Nepal and a further 8.2 million 3G users in India. Even thought this was only 6.7% of the 3 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Likewise the standard had been set in Asia. For what was to become the mainstay of the mobile phone telecommunications standard. Where 3G was launched first – Japan and South Korea – they had seen a 3G penetration of over 70%.


Not exactly exclusively for 3G networks but end-to-end security is offered when application frameworks such as IMS are accessed. Finally also see the UK Phone Insurance Compare on here.


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