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UK Phone Insurance Compare

The current mobile phone insurance rates have changed over the last years as the market has become more competitive. The theft of mobile phones in the UK continues to increase and the age of smart phone demographics are changing with younger people having more expensive mobile-phones. Below are the latest price compare for the United Kingdom.

Note that you should consider other insurance options. Many take separate insurance on their mobile phone or tablets as it lowers the overall cost of insurance. If you add a mobile phone or Ipad to your household insurance this might push up the overall cost of your household insurance. The reason is that mobile phone theft is on the increase and it might be more cost effective to take a separate policy for your mobile devices.

Your household insurance is also likely not going to include repair costs and will more likely than not only cover replacement. Consider these options before you add mobile devices to your household insurance.

Provider Monthly Premium Annual Premium Instant Cover
Insurance2go £6.99 £74.99 Yes
Tin Hat Insurance £6.99 £76.89 Yes
Your Budget Cover £6.99 £79.69 No
Buy Mobile Phone Insurance £7.98 £95.76 No
Gadget Cover £7.99 £79.90 Yes
Gadget Buddy £7.99 £87.89 No
Love It Cover It £7.99 £87.89 Yes
i-Digital £8.49 £93.39 No
Debenhams Insurance £8.75 £96.25 Yes
Protect Your Bubble £9.49 £113.88 Yes
Know How £9.49 £113.88 No
Insure My Pocket £9.99 £99.90 No
EE £10.00 £120.00 Yes
Vodafone £12.00 £144.00 Yes
O2 £12.50 £150.00 Yes
Carphone Warehouse (Geek Squad) £14.99 £179.88 Yes

Prices are based on our full cover policy and comparable levels of cover including loss. Prices were checked on the relevant websites on the 2nd March 2016. The phone checked was the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.


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