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ARM Mali-T760 MP8

The ARM Mali-T760 MP8 is a graphics solution which can be found in a number of mobile phones such as in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phone. This chip was released in 2015 and was one of the fastest chips around for graphics processing by GPU. This is an upgraded version of the Mali-T760 MP2 which is also listed on this website.

Note that the ARM Mali-T760 MP8 has OpenGL ES 3.1 and that this GPU also supports OpenCL 1.1 as Mali GPUwell as DirectX 11. You will note that the Mali-T760 can be scaled from 1 – 16 cores/clusters as different versions of the same base chipset being the Mali-T700 Series. You can see this listed below. The GPU is low powered and running at 772 MHz beats most of the competition such as the Adreno 420 (Snapdragon 805) and PowerVR GX6450 (Apple A8).

Multi Processor scalable graphics performance.

  • Scalable to 16 cores
  • 400% power efficiency over the older chips
  • Memory system optimisations
  • ARM Frame buffer compression
  • Closer CPU/GPU links
  • Up to 320 GFlops

The comparison of the different versions of the chips can be found below. You will note that they are all built on the T700 Series frame work. Search this website for more views on the different GPU’s on the market.

Manufacturer ARM
Mali-T700 Series
Mali-T760 MP8 8 @ 700 – 772 (Boost) MHz
Mali-T760 MP6 6 @ 700 MHz
Mali-T760 MP4 4 @ 600 MHz
Mali-T760 MP2 2 @ 700 MHz
Mali-T720 MP4 4 @ 600 (Boost) MHz
Mali-T720 MP2 2 @ 650 MHz
Mali-T720 1 @ 600 MHz
Codename Midgard (3rd Generation)
Architecture Midgard (3rd-gen)
Pipelines 8 – unified
Core Speed * 700 – 772 (Boost) MHz
Shared Memory no
DirectX DirectX 11
Technology 14 nm
Features OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.1, DirectX 11, Renderscript, FSAA/MSAA

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