PowerVR SGX530

The PowerVR SGX530 is as well known GPU which has been used on a number of phones including a range of Nokia mobile phones. It is an integrated graphics card which you will find in mostly ARM based systems on chip’s in mainly for tablets as well as on smartphones.

The PowerVR SGX530 offers 2 pixel and 1 vertex shaders and these is normally clocked at 200 MHz. Note that this GPU also supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and was announced in July of 2005.

Manufacturer PowerVR Core
PowerVR SGX500 Series SGX554MP4 32
SGX543MP4 16
SGX543MP3 12
SGX543MP2 8
SGX545 4/2 cores @ 533 MHz
SGX544MP2 8/4 cores @ 300 – 533 (Boost) MHz
SGX544 4/2 cores @ 384 MHz
SGX540 4/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX535 2/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX531 2/1 cores
SGX530 2/1 cores

This chipset is out of the PowerVR SGX500 Series of chipsets. There are a number of them on the market. This chipset is in the bottom range in the SGX500 series with only 2 pixel and 1 vertex shaders.

GPU Name Chip Clock GFlops
SGX530 OMAP 3530 110 MHz 0.88
DM3730 200 MHz 1.6
300 MHz 2.4

The following mobile phones make use of this chipset. There are not that many of this website but the few down below will give you a good idea of what the chipset is able to do by looking at the features on the mobile phones which do use it.

Note that the mobiles listed above us the PowerVR SGX530 and they also make use of the  1.0 GHz Cortex A8 CPU which is more than capable on this chipset. Search this website for more information and comparison on mobile phones and chipsets.

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