PowerVR SGX544

The PowerVR SGX544 is another GPU from PowerVR which has been used in a number of Nokia mobile phones. You can compare the GPU to others in the same range below. You will note how PowerVR had made and labeled their GPU’s based on the number of shaders and vertex processors on board.

The PowerVR SGX544 is an integrated graphics card which is used in computer tablets as well as on many smartphones most times ones which make use of ARM based system of chips. The PowerVR SGX544 usually runs at about 384 MHz and it also offers 4 dedicated pixel- and 2 vertex shaders (MP1 version).

The GPU also supports DirectX 9 as well as OpenGL ES 2.0 and it is used in Android based tablets and also Android based smartphones. Note however that there are also versions which have more clusters. You will note this is the PowerVR SGX544MP2 which has 2 clusters (MP2).

Manufacturer PowerVR Core
PowerVR SGX500 Series SGX554MP4 32
SGX543MP4 16
SGX543MP3 12
SGX543MP2 8
SGX545 4/2 cores @ 533 MHz
SGX544MP2 8/4 cores @ 300 – 533 (Boost) MHz
SGX544 4/2 cores @ 384 MHz
SGX540 4/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX535 2/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX531 2/1 cores
SGX530 2/1 cores

You can compare your GPU above with others in the same range brought to market by PowerVR. Below you can again see the different versions of the same GPU based on different chips and their different abilities. The most well known phone where it had been used is in the Sony Xperia C mobile phone.

 GPU Name  Chip  Clock GFlops
SGX544 MT6589M MT8117 MT8121 156 MHz 5
MT6589 MT8389 286 MHz 9.2
MT8125 300 MHz 9.6
MT6589T MT8389T 357 MHz 11.4
OMAP 4470 384 MHz 12.3
Broadcom M320 Broadcom M340 ??? ???
ATM7039 450 MHz 14.4

If you wish to know more about what is under the hood so to speak then search this website for more details on GPU’s as well as chipset designs from a number of manufacturers. There is also a listing of mobile phones to browse through.

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