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PowerVR SGX545

The PowerVR SGX545 is another popular GPU which had been used in many mobile phones since its release in 2010. Unlike the PowerVR SGX530 and the PowerVR SGX544 it has 4 pixel and 2 vertex shaders but runs at ~533MHz which is more than twice as fast as the other versions.

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PowerVR SGX540

The PowerVR SGX540 GPU was introduced in 2007 and has been used extensively over the years by a number of mobile phone brands. The PowerVR SGX540 normally came with ARM based systems on chip or SOC’s. The GPU was a bit higher in ability than the PowerVR SGX535 which only had 2 pixel and 2 shaders.

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PowerVR SGX535

The PowerVR SGX535 GPU from PowerVR has been used in a number of mobile phones from Samsung. You will note that the GPU takes the form of 2 pixel and 2 vertex shaders which run at about ~200 MHz. This is just above the ability of the PowerVR SGX530 which offers 2 pixel and 1 vertex shaders at the same clock speed.

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PowerVR SGX554MP4

The PowerVR SGX554MP4 is an upgraded version of the PowerVR SGX554. You can see below how they compare in terms of their ability in terms of GFlops. You will note how much faster it is than the non MP4 version of the GPU.

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PowerVR SGX544

The PowerVR SGX544 is another GPU from PowerVR which has been used in a number of Nokia mobile phones. You can compare the GPU to others in the same range below. You will note how PowerVR had made and labeled their GPU’s based on the number of shaders and vertex processors on board.

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PowerVR SGX530

The PowerVR SGX530 is as well known GPU which has been used on a number of phones including a range of Nokia mobile phones. It is an integrated graphics card which you will find in mostly ARM based systems on chip’s in mainly for tablets as well as on smartphones.

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