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ARM Mali-400 MP4

The ARM Mali-400 MP4 is an upgraded version of the ARM Mali-400 MP1. The naming convention shows that this version of the GPU has 4 cores. This is usually 4 cores and vertex shader. This chip is slightly lower than a PowerVR SGX 543MP2.

Note that this is a 4 / 1 Pixel- / Vertexshader combination. This GPU has been used in many Samsung mobile phones as well. You can find them listed on this website mainly in the Galalxy range of mobile phones.

Mali-400 MP4
Frequency 210 MHz/500 MHz
Throughput 23 Mtri/s, 210 Mpix/s 55 Mtri/s, 500 Mpix/s
Anti-Aliasing 4xAA 16xAA
API Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0
L2 Cache 8KB – 256KB
Multi-Core Scaling 1 to 4 cores

You can search this website for other mobile phone hardware such as the Snapdragon and Mediatek chips. You can also search the range of mobile phones for their GPU specs.

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