Gadget theft on UK Trains

Gadget theft on UK Trains. Associated Press reported in November 2013 that the theft of gadgets on UK trains are on the increase. iPads, tablets and Kindles are the most popular amongst thieves on the trains. 2013 saw an increase of more than 10% in theft on trains in the UK compared to the year before.

Gadget theft on UK Trains

Compared again the to year before laptops and computers stolen on trains decreased by more than 20%. Clearly there is now a market for tablets and iPads in the UK. In another report released under the Freedom of Information Act. The British Transport Police show that tablet and iPads thefts have increased by at least 10% each year since 2008 when they became popular. In addition also read the mobile phone theft article on here.

For 2013 the total reports theft for iPads, Kandel’s and tables reports ot British Transport Police had been a 949 reports of theft with only 2% of items recovered. As stated the total amount of laptops have decreased  since 2010 however the total is still very high at more than 1061 laptops stolen of which only 3% could be recovered. Likewise read more on gadget theft on UK Trains. Likewise also see the Insurance2go as well as the Cheaper Gadget and Insure mobile phone insurance.

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