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Cheaper Gadget

Cheaper Gadget Insurance has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry providing insurance for the items and servers which normally is not covered by large insurance houses. These include and are not limited to travel insurance, wedding insurance, airline failure insurance and the normal car insurance and home insurance.

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Protect Your Bubble Insurance

Protect your Bubble is a well known company that offers insurance cover for your mobile phone and other devices in both the US and the UK. The company is large and well know and they do spend a fair amount on advertising. Some of the most common complaints about this company has got to do with what gets covers and the excess for a claim.

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Addicted to your SmartPhone

Addicted to your SmartPhone? A new study conducted in October 2013 by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Sheds light on the issue of telephone addiction among smartphone users. Likewise the study involved analyzing over 700 hours of video footage captured by the FishEye camera over a three-day period. This while observing consumer behaviors. The findings were quite revealing, indicating that a significant portion of smartphone users displayed addictive tendencies. Read More »

Gadget theft on UK Trains

Gadget theft on UK Trains. Associated Press reported in November 2013 that the theft of gadgets on UK trains are on the increase. iPads, tablets and Kindles are the most popular amongst thieves on the trains. 2013 saw an increase of more than 10% in theft on trains in the UK compared to the year before.

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Water Damage

Water damage to your phone? Protect Your Bubble mobile phone insurance company has stated that just over 22% of all damage claims have been water damage or liquid damage. Gizmodo has also released their stats but not in percentage terms. According to the at least 900,000 mobile phones has been damaged by water since they had started. Read More »

Stolen – Unauthorised Usage

Stolen – unauthorised usage phones. If your mobile phone is stolen then you need to ensure that you have “unauthorised usage” protection in your insurance. In 2013 Ofcomm (Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) stated that if you doubt your phone has been stolen or lost then report it immediately. Read More »

Nuisance calls in the UK

If you are getting nuisance calls in the UK then you are not alone. The least study from Ofcom shows that this has become a growing trend not only for mobile phone but also for landlines which are the worst affected. In January 2014 over the period of a month 84% of all UK residents with a land line got some form of nuisance call. Of these 67% had been sales calls. 3 in every 5 calls had been ‘silent calls’ and 14% had been abandoned calls.

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Mobile Signal Boosting

See the article on mobile signal boosting here. If you have mobile phone insurance then you are going to need to understand that unauthorised signal boosters will not only invalidate you warranty if you are found out but more likely than not your mobile phone will not be covered by your insurance.

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