Deceptive Advertising

What is deceptive advertising? More problems occur as we can see from the stats of all the nuisance calls in the UK which people receive. Many times during these calls there is also mis-selling. This type of selling is where what has been promised either does not exist or has been exaggerated. You do find this type of mis-selling not only with insurance but a range of industries.

Deceptive Advertising

Deceptive AdvertisingNote that the insurance industry has a problem with this. If you are buying mobile phone insurance always ask as to what he excess is and also how much the insurance would be increased if the mobile phone has been stolen. The most common issues that have been raised is that certain insurance companies will not replace a new phone but only pay for the repairs. Note that mobile audio content is also covered on here.

Likewise Cover Cloud will insure for identity theft but only at an extra cost while Switched On will have the option of replacement or repair at their discretion. Always ask before you accept an agreement. See more on the deceptive advertising issues. The following would be viewed as mis-selling a customer over the telephone:

Mis-selling covers a range of sales and marketing activities including:

  • – The omission of any relevant information which the customer should have:
  • – The provision of misleading information;
  • – The applying unacceptable pressure to change providers;
  • – The slamming of customers, where customers find themselves with a service  without their knowledge and consent.

These would have to be taken up by a consumer council in the UK. Likewise  however with more cold-calling occurring the selling tactics are also being more problematic. A good example is when they ask someone to sign-up for a trial service for 2 weeks. Likewise however don’t tell the customer that they have to cancel it themselves after 2 weeks or they will be billed a month later. In addition also see the smartphone statistics as well as the phone usage as well.

There are also issues when you are sold a service but not all the information as an example with which tariffs are being covered. A very good example of this is where you get a certain free service. If you do X but they forget to tell you how many times you have to do this. In South Africa there was a good example of mis-selling or deceptive advertising. In addition also see the unauthorised usage on stolen phones as well.

You got free car repayments with an advert on the back of your car. What they did not tell you was that you had to drive at least 10,000 km per month in order not to pay the monthly car installment. There are many example of mis-selling so always check the fine print on everything. Likewise also ask every single question you can think of. If it is to good to be true — it probably is. You can also find APN settings on this website. Lastly see also the nuisance calls on here.


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