Nuisance calls in the UK

If you are getting nuisance calls in the UK then you are not alone. The least study from Ofcom shows that this has become a growing trend not only for mobile phone but also for landlines which are the worst affected. In January 2014 over the period of a month 84% of all UK residents with a land line got some form of nuisance call. Of these 67% had been sales calls. 3 in every 5 calls had been ‘silent calls’ and 14% had been abandoned calls.

Nuisance calls in the UK

Nuisance calls in the UKThe severity is interesting as they got an average of 9 calls in the space of one month. 29% received more than 10 calls in the period of a month and 8% had more than 20 calls a month. People over the age of 60 got the most calls maybe because they are at home most of the time. Those between the ages of 20-30 years got on average of 6 call while those between the ages of 35-54 got 8 calls on average. Likewise see the deceptive advertising as well as smartphone demographics as well.

Interesting marketing trend is that over 2013 the amount of recorded marketing calls dropped from 14% to 12%. Likewise most users find the calls annoying. However it also shows a trend of increasing with the elderly being at the receiving end of most of the calls. In addition there is also Cover Cloud insurance as well as ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU processor.

Who makes these calls?Payment Protection Insurance made 13% of all the calls being mainly recorded. Insurance companies made 9% of all nuisance calls. Likewise home insulation companies made 8% of the calls. In addition there is also the market research who made up 8% of nuisance calls as well. Other types of businesses who have also increased their cold calling in the UK are solar panels sellers. Likewise who used to make 2% of the calls have now jumped to 6% of the calls. Broadband services from 3% to 5% and debt collections went from 2% to 4%. If you are looking for the full report then you can download it here. Finally also see the unauthorised usage on stolen mobile phones on here.

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