Report lost or stolen phones

See why you must report lost or stolen phones. If you have had your mobile phone stolen which is becoming very common in the UK with more than 700,000 handsets stolen since 1995 and increasing each year in the double digit figures then you need to know the following which we have listed below.

Report lost or stolen phones

Also contact your insurance company immediately so as to ensure that an unauthorised usage is not going to become your financial responsibility. See the article on how to protect your phone before theft listed here. Likewise see also the Global Smartphone Statistics on here.
  • – Do you have your phones phone’s IMEI number?
  • – Do you have the make and model?
  • – Do you have insurance (Switched On, Gadget Cover, Cover Cloud etc)?
  • – Do you have a tracking app on the phone?

Ensure that you have all the needed information for your insurance company as well as the police. These are the most common questions they are going to ask you. Don’t wait until tomorrow if you phone has been stolen, do it now. Likewise also see the Protect Your Bubble Insurance as well as the Gadget theft on UK Trains article as well.


To report your phone lost/stolen

Provider Dialling from the UK Dialling from Abroad
 3 0843 373 3333 +44 7782 333 333
 EE 07953 966 250 +44 7953 966 250
 Orange 07973 100 150 (pay-monthly) 07973 100 450 (PAYG) +44 7973 100 150 (pay-monthly) +44 7973 100 450 (PAYG)
 O2 0844 8090 2020 (pay-monthly) 0844 8090 222 (PAYG) +44 844 809 0200
 T-Mobile 0845 412 5000 +44 79539 66150
 Vodafone 08700 700191 (pay-monthly) 08700 776655 (PAYG) +44 7836 191 191 (pay-monthly) +44 7836 191 919 (PAYG)
 Tesco Mobile 0845 301 4455 +44 845 3014455
 Virgin Mobile 0845 6000 789 +44 7953 967 967

Never wait until he next day to report your phone stolen as thieves will run up a huge account on your phone on international calls as well a special services. The insurance will only cover you from the time you reported the phone stolen and not when it occurred. See the fine print in your mobile phone insurance policy. Lastly also see the Switched On on here when it comes to mobile phone insurance.


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