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Addicted to your SmartPhone

A new study in October 2013 by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) which looked at more than 700 hours of video footage over a 3 day period from consumers using the FishEye camera revealed telephone addiction. This revealed that 52% of SmartPhone users would rather use their phone than to have some quiet time. 37% of users will check their phone during a break in a conversation.

The average time of 2 hours and 12 minutes was what each user spent connected to the internet via wireless connection and 46% of the time they had been doing this and managing another device such as an iPad. This might not sound important but this is where most accident occur and damage to mobile phones and iPads. Talking to the users 44% thought that their smartphone made their morning commute more enjoyable and 17% of these users also used the SmartPhone to make purchases with. What was not considered was the amount of times the users looked at their gadgets each day without even using it. Most users use the SmartPhone in the morning for looking at news and weather while in the afternoon they spent the time looking for more specific information or paying their bills online

If you have one of these devices read the article on what to do when your phone is lost or stolen written here. Remember that you will need to contact the police and above all change all your passwords which the phone might have stored for you.

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