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Mobile Phone – Water Damage

Protect Your Bubble mobile phone insurance company has stated that just over 22% of all damage claims have been water damage or liquid damage. Gizmodo has also released their stats but not in percentage terms. According to the at least 900,000 mobile phones has been damaged by water since they had started.

Mobile phone manufacturers are also improving the phone to ensure that they have the ability to at least survive some water damage without rendering the phone worthless.

Mobile Phone - Water Damage

A young inventor Oliver Murphy, who has spent years fixing mobile phones has stated that water damage is mainly the deposit of minerals in the water that does the damage. He created a solution called Reviveaphone which removes all these minerals and brings the mobile phone back to life. You drop your phone into the solution for 7 minutes then leave it to dry for 24 hours. After this most times your phone will work again. The solution works for 90% of phones and is good for removing water, and beer from your phone. Dont ask me how you get your phone into beer.

Other options have been to dry the phone and to place it into 99% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). The idea of dropping it into alcohol is much like the Reviveaphone solution which is on sale. It removes all of the chemicals in the phone which the water introduced. You should also try and change the battery after this.  Note: Make sure to check your phones LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) Sticker before trying this method. If your phone was exposed to liquid then changes are very high that it was activated turning pink or red and your warranty is void.

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