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I develop websites and content for websites related to embassies from around the world. See more pages and content about Thai embassies from around the world. From Canada to Nepal all Thai embassies have been listed here. See the other websites listed on the sidebar for US, Canadian and British embassies. If there are address changes or Embassy contact details changes then please email me on my profile on Google+

Tata Docomo USSD Codes

USSDThe Tata Docomo USSD Codes in India has also been added below on this page. Note that these are the most commonly used USSD codes. Likewise for the Tata Docomo mobile phone network. There are other USSD code for them as well on this website. see also the  more extensive set of codes which are not used very often. You can find them on the links on the side of this page near the top. Likewise the Reliance postpaid USSD Codes. Read More »

Reliance SMS Shortcode

USSDThe Reliance network in India makes use of SMS short-codes. You can find these short-codes listed below. You will also find the USSD codes for Reliance on this website as well as the most commonly used USSD codes for Reliance on this website. Should you need more information then you can search the website. Additionally for more information or view the Reliance network website for more information and assistance. Read More »

Reliance postpaid USSD Codes

USSDBelow you will find the Reliance postpaid USSD codes. You can also see the full list of codes for the Reliance mobile phone network here. Note that these are for postpaid mobile phones on the Reliance network in India. The USSD codes for postpaid are current. You can also obtain your GPRS settings with these USSD codes as well as check your balance for the 3G service in India. Read More »

Reliance India USSD Codes

USSDThe Reliance mobile phone network much like Vodafone has an extensive list of USSD code for use on their network. You will find the most commonly used USSD code for the Reliance mobile phone network add below. You can also see the links for more on other USSD codes in India. These codes are the latest and most up-to-date codes which we could find. Read More »

Vodafone India Recharge Codes

USSDIf you wish to recharge your mobile phone in India with Vodafone then you can look below for the USSD code to recharge the mobile phone. This can be 2G or 3G as it does not make any difference. There is also a Vodafone USSD list on this website with all the other USSD codes from Vodafone in India. Browse this website for more information and assistance in this regard. Read More »

Vodafone India USSD Codes

USSDSee the Vodafone India USSD Codes on here. You will find the most commonly used USSD codes for Vodafone India listed below. You can also find other USSD codes for Vodafone India on the rest of this website. Note that these are only the most commonly used codes such as GPRS settings and transferring money from one phone to the next. See the other USSD codes for Vodafone listed in the links. Read More »

3G Bands

What are the 3G Bands. Unlike 2G networks which are being phased out across the world, 3G is still here and as time passes it may also be phased out due to the growth in the 4G and 5G networks globally. 3G is third generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology which was the upgrade from the 2G bands. The 3G networks have higher speeds such as having transfer rates of at least 200 kbit/s.

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2G Bands

mobile phone networksYou will note that the “G” in 2G Bands, 3G as well as 4G stands for “Generation” when it comes to the mobile networks. Each generation has become faster than the last so 2G is much slower than 4G. Most countries today have 2G networks and many countries have all 3 generations of network connectivity. You can see the APN settings for African countries listed on this website as well as the range of mobile phone specs on this website which highlights this. 
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